Genre: Coop take on classic shoot’em up genreStarCrossed
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux 
Release Date:
 Summer 2017
Studio: Contigo Games
My Position: Programmer / Designer

Summary of Game:

StarCrossed is a local co-op game heavily inspired by classic “Magical Girl” media. Our mission is to provide an experience that focuses on the importance of collaboration and teamwork, showcased by the two-player cooperative gameplay.

This cooperative take on the classic shoot ’em up genre is played by utilizing the positioning of the characters to take out enemies with a projectile that bounces back and forth between the players. Timing and teamwork are key.

My Part:

Working as one of two programmers to build the systems and content for the game. Everything from character controllers, input handling, UI, and various gameplay interactions.

Also handling the design work including maintaining StarCrossed design document, planning enemy encounters, and balancing game flow and balance.