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Genre: 2D Puzzle Platformer
Platform: iOS , Android 
Release Date:
 August 2013
Studio: Play Nimbus
My Position: Level Designer

Summary of Game:

Wobbles is a 2d puzzle platformer in the style of Lemmings built in Unity. Wobbles won the student division of the 2013 MassDiGI Game Challenge and was shipped on Android and iOS in August 2013.


  • Winner of best student entertainment game at the 2013 MassDiGI Game Challenge.
  • Averaging a combined rating of 4 out of 5 from Android and iOS store reviews.
  • 21,000 unique users since launch with an average of 500 monthly active users.
  • Was accepted and showed Wobbles at our booth at the Boston Festival of Indie Games

-Data collected on May 6th 2014

My Part:

Creating the sixty levels that were shipped with the game. Every level went through the process of being sketched, to being assembled in Unity, then had to be tested and tweaked off of players reactions to the levels.