Private Eyes

Genre: Multiplayer Party Game
Platform: Xbox One (iOS & Android companion app required )
Release Date:
Studio: Play Nimbus
My Position: Lead Designer / Programmer


Private Eyes is a murder mystery party game for the Xbox One that brings all the fun of trust and betrayal into your living room. In everyone’s party, one or more people become a culprit on a crime and it is up to everyone else to discover who they are.

Using a companion app, Private Eyes uses your phone as a controller giving each player a private screen. Their private screen allows them to control and interact with their player from their own point of view, while the console shows an overview of the entire playspace on a TV.

My Part

I was responsible for the Main Direction of the game design as well as design document upkeep while assisting the Lead Programmer in implementing game play functionality.

  • Implemented various game mechanics into the Photon networked game
  • Managed and iterated on overall game design
  • Setup a local Photon server and hosted play test sessions at many different events